220 million iPhone units for 2022 is Apple’s production target for the device


According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has plans to manufacture approximately 220 million iPhones in the year 2022. This production target is mostly unchanged from the previous year despite supply chain difficulties and the anticipated high demand for new iPhones this fall.

There have been reports that Apple is still aiming for 220 million iPhones this year, which is fewer than market experts had predicted, according to reports. According to the report, analysts were expecting a manufacturing target closer to 240 million units, driven by the anticipated release of the iPhone 14 models in the fall.

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As previously reported, Apple has asked its suppliers to construct around 220 million iPhones this year, a similar number to what was requested last year. The iPhone is slated to receive a substantial update in the fall, which has pushed market predictions closer to 240 million units. Mobile devices have had a rough start to the year, with manufacturing projections falling across the board.

Despite Apple’s inability to keep up with demand for its current devices, the company has maintained the 2021 goal. Due to supply chain issues exacerbated by COVID-19 lockdowns and limitations, multiple products, including the company’s latest Macs, remain back-ordered for weeks or even months.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 series in the fall, with a new design, improved cameras, and more. This fall’s iPhone 13 series included small camera improvements, enhanced display technology, and a new chip. The 2022 iPhones are likely to be a more significant overhaul. Check out our compilation to learn more about what Apple has in store for the iPhone 14.

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