A commencement address will be given by Apple CEO Tim Cook at Gallaudet University


Next month’s commencement address at Gallaudet University will be delivered by Apple CEO and co-founder Tim Cook. This university claims to be the only one in the world where deaf and hard-of-hearing students can live and learn both American Sign Language and English simultaneously in Washington, D.C.

Molly Feanny, a student at Gallaudet University, will be the undergraduate student speaker at the commencement, and Cook will be the keynote speaker.

“I am overjoyed and honoured to announce that Tim Cook will be the commencement speaker at Gallaudet University in 2022,” said Roberta J. Cordano, president of the institution. “Tim is a remarkable visionary, unquestionably one of the greatest CEOs of our generation, who, without a doubt, will leave a lasting imprint on future generations. As the CEO of one of the world’s most admired brands, Tim has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, representation, and accessibility–values that are important to our Gallaudet community and many other underrepresented groups. “

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Following the Best Picture win for “CODA” on Apple TV+, the company has made the announcement. It centres on Ruby, a teenage girl who is the only one in her Deaf family who can understand spoken language. As a part of her family’s struggling fishing boat business, Ruby serves as an interpreter in sign language for her parents. He called the film “one of the most authentic representations of deaf people and their families in the history of cinema.”

Gallaudet University’s 152nd undergraduate graduation ceremony will be held on Friday, May 13 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Gallaudet’s campus.

A number of universities in the United States have honored Cook with commencement addresses, including Stanford, Duke, Auburn, MIT, and others.

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