A delayed launch of iPadOS 16 by Apple has been announced for October


According to a source, Apple will not release iPadOS 16 alongside iOS 16 in September as usual since the company intends to wait until October.

In order to provide a multi-window multitasking experience more akin to the Mac, Apple has been working on a new multitasking tool for the iPad called Stage Manager. Stage Manager’s implementation is claimed to have contributed to the iPadOS 16 launch’s delay, as Apple is currently working out bugs. If Apple delays the release, it will have more time to focus on finishing iOS 16, after which it can go on to developing iPadOS 16.

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It has generated some criticism as Stage Manager is only compatible with the M1 iPad Pro and iPad Air models and cannot be used with previous iPads. According to Apple, this restriction is necessary since earlier iPads cannot provide an appropriate multitasking experience.

Since Apple separated iPadOS into its own operating system in 2019, iPadOS updates have mainly been synchronized with iOS updates, coming alongside software updates for the iPhone and iPad. The delayed release of iPadOS 16 will deviate from Apple’s usual release schedules.

The software will be timed to launch closer to new iPads by releasing iPadOS 16 in October. Both of Apple’s upcoming products, the entry-level iPad with a USB-C connector and the new M2 version of the iPad Pro with an M2 processor, are anticipated to be released later this year.

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