A dentist’s life was saved by a feature on an Apple Watch, says Apple CEO Tim Cook


When an elderly woman activated the watch’s fall detection feature just a few days ago, we told you how it saved her life. Raylene Hackenwerth was taken to the hospital unconscious, where doctors discovered a tumour in one of her lungs, and she is currently undergoing cancer treatment. Today, we have another story about how the Apple Watch saved the life of a dentist in India because of its ECG capabilities. Electronic cardiography (ECG) sensors keep an eye out for irregular heartbeat patterns that could indicate atrial fibrillation (A-fib). The latter may increase the risk of stroke and heart failure as well as the formation of blood clots in the heart.

Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to a dentist whose life was saved by an Apple Watch feature in the Apple Watch Series 7. Series 7 of the Apple Watch is here. Apple CEO Tim Cook received a letter from Dr. Chopra’s wife, Neha, in which she expressed gratitude for the watch’s role in saving her husband’s life. In a follow-up email, Cook wrote, “I’m very pleased that you sought clinical evaluation and received the care you desired.” We appreciate you taking the time to tell us your story. Good morning. Tim, I wish you the best.

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According to Hi-Tech, the Indian dentist, Nitesh Chopra, received numerous warnings from his Apple Watch, and finally went to a doctor, where the ECG that was performed agreed with the ECG readings on the smartwatch. While performing their examination, doctors discovered that Dr. Chopra was suffering from a blocked artery, which was surgically corrected.

The Apple Watch’s lore continues to spread. In terms of the Apple Watch’s life-saving features, the heart rate monitor is likely to have saved the most lives. Only a sensor that measures the user’s body temperature is expected to be introduced to the medical industry this year, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Thanks to stories like this one, the Apple Watch has overtaken Rolex, Seiko, Casio, Timex, and other well-known watch brands.


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