A Dutch group claims Apple overcharged it by billions of dollars on the App Store


According to the Dutch Consumer Competition Claims Foundation, European iPhone and iPad users have been overpaying for in-app purchases and app store purchases for years. Many Dutch and European consumers have been harmed by Apple’s restrictive terms, according to the claims organization cited in this article. On behalf of the foundation, they’re suing for damages.

People who purchased at least one app or made an in-app purchase after September 1, 2009, are eligible to report to the foundation. All payments made to app developers in the App Store are subject to a hefty commission by Apple. The foundation thinks Apple is charging too much for its products.

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This isn’t the first time Apple has been sued in the Netherlands. It was announced last month that the App Stores Claims Foundation planned to file a lawsuit against Apple and Google. The group, which is chaired by tech entrepreneur Alexander Klopping, claims that Dutch consumers spent $1 billion more than they should have on app store purchases.

On the other hand, Apple was fined by Dutch authorities for forcing dating apps to use their payment systems and charging them exorbitant commissions to do so. For failing to come up with a better solution for dating apps, the ACM fined Apple 5 million euros per week. There is now a maximum fine of 50 million euros for this offence.

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