Native Teams app for Apple Macs M1 and M2 has been announced by Microsoft


Microsoft Teams, a communication tool geared for businesses and organizations, was introduced in March 2017. It functions similarly to Slack in that users may host meetings, share files, and run apps all from the same window. Despite being available on many widely used operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and even iOS, users of macOS had to launch the software through Apple’s Rosetta 2 emulator. Unfortunately, this had the effect of drastically reducing the performance of silicon powered by M1 and M2.

Customers have been requesting that Microsoft provide a native version of the app for years. Thankfully, Microsoft recently stated that they have optimized the Teams software for Apple hardware in a blog post.

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Teams‘ performance on M1 and M2 Mac will noticeably improve as a result of the company’s claim that they have created a “production grade universal binary version,” which will be able to utilize resources more effectively. The developers continued by saying that employing several high quality monitors during calls or conferences will significantly improve the entire experience compared to the past.

All Mac users will immediately receive the most recent upgrade to Teams as soon as it becomes available, it should be emphasized.

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