A price of around one lakh is possible for the Apple Watch model designed for extreme sports


An extreme sports edition watch is expected to be released by Apple this year, and it is expected to be called the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro. The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be unveiled in September, and this watch is expected to be the most expensive model.

Some experts believe the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro will be priced at roughly the same as Apple’s newest iPhone, the 13 Pro. According to rumors, Apple is expected to price this robust watch variant at a premium. Mark Gurman, on the other hand, hinted that the watch could cost as much as $900, which translates to about Rs 72,000 in Indian currency. The display on the watch is expected to be larger, and the design and materials used to construct it will be new.

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According to Mark Gurman’s claims, the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro is expected to have a 2 inch display and be manufactured with a durable material, hence it’s being referred to as a “rugged” watch. According to reports, this watch will include enhanced health and sports tracking sensors as well as a more accurate hiking mode.

Apple is expected to release three Watch Series 8 models this year: an Apple Watch SE model, an Apple Watch Series 8 model, and an Apple Watch Series 8 model with a heftier display. The iPhone 14 is expected to be unveiled at the September launch event along with these three other models.

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