AirTag has been turned up to amplify unwanted tracking sounds by Apple


AirTags are a simple way to keep track of things, but Apple has made many privacy-related improvements in response to concerns about stalking. The most recent version raises the volume of AirTag warnings even further.

Apple is adjusting the unwanted tracking sound in order to more readily discover an unrecognized AirTag, according to Firmware Update 1.0.301. Notifications from AirTag are getting more frequent.

An AirTag would be “more immediately findable” if Apple had changed its tone sequence, which it had done in February in response to concerns that people would attach AirTags to cars or drop them in bags or pockets to track people, according to a statement from Apple. According to the latest reports, the firmware upgrade this week included this change.

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The rollout will be phased in over time. According to MacRumors, Apple is releasing it to the installed base with a 10% cap through May 3, a 25% cap until May 9, and a broad release on May 13.

It is possible for someone to get an alert on their phone if an AirTag is found to be travelling with them for a predetermined amount of time without its owner. To find nearby AirTags on Android, you’ll need to install the Tracker Detect app from the Google Play Store. They’ll start making noise if rogue AirTags aren’t found and deactivated within a set time period.

While Apple’s update may make it easier for those who are being spied on to detect and avoid the tracking, it is not a foolproof solution. A potential snoop in this situation can avoid installing the AirTag firmware update, which prevents the louder tones from being heard. The modified “Silent AirTags” that have had their speakers removed will not benefit from the noise.

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