All furniture from the room is removed from Shopify’s demonstration of Apple’s RoomPlan


Shopify, an e-commerce platform based in Canada, has shown off an innovative use of Apple’s RoomPlan API by cleaning a room before outfitting it with furniture using Apple Augmented Reality.

RoomPlan was unveiled at WWDC 2022, although it will not be an Apple app by itself. RoomPlan, on the other hand, is an API that developers may use to implement its features into their own applications.

Retailers may utilize the RoomPlan API to show clients how a piece of furniture might look in their own home. For example, LiDAR technology, which was introduced by Apple in 2017, is used in RoomPlan, which has been around since shortly after ARKit was introduced in 2017.

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This is the first time Shopify has shown how it may use the API in its own furniture shopping app. In addition to helping people see what a couch by the window may look like, it can also tidy up the area so that users can start with a clean slate of information.

In subsequent tweets, the Shopify employee known as Russ Maschmeyer refers to the function as a “Space Eraser,” and he defines it as a “reset button.”

Space Eraser, he said, “models environments in high fidelity,” capturing “room-defining objects” by their size, position, orientation, and more.

 The Shopify demo is a work in progress, and the business hasn’t said when it plans to release the product for sale.

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