Among Apple’s Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been a battle for monopoly power in the metaverse


The most important function of the Tuned Messaging app is that it enables romantic partners to secretly communicate their thoughts and feelings to one another through the medium of handwritten notes that they send to one another. This software contains a variety of games that might help partners become more familiar with one another by playing them together. The company did not provide a justification for why the customized app was being retired, and neither the app sites on Google Play nor the app sites on the App Store provide any additional information about the app.

More than 850,000 people have downloaded Tuned on Android and iOS, according to Sensor Tower data obtained by TechCrunch, which shows that it is an extremely popular app for couples. The company, on the other hand, has not released any information regarding the genuine reasons for discontinuing it.

“Apple believes that by doing everything yourself and tightly integrating, they get a superior user experience,” says Zuckerberg, and thus they will undoubtedly want to tightly control the experience. ” With Meta’s Quest headset, Apple is at odds with the company’s current policy, which allows side loading. According to Zuckerberg, this is a “philosophical struggle” over the future of the internet.

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He concedes that Apple’s strategy may be more effective than Meta’s open ecosystem, but he is unsure about which atmosphere is best for the project. “Making hardware available to as many people as possible,” he says. There are hopes that “a billion people in the metaverse” will “spend hundreds of dollars a piece in digital commerce” by the end of the decade, earning the same amount of revenue as Meta’s current advertising operation. Apple makes around that much money each year from each App Store user.

Although Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed an interest in augmented reality, the company has yet to make any public announcements about virtual or augmented reality technology. One of the many augmented reality and virtual reality items that Apple is said to be working on is a high-end VR visor for gaming and virtual reality. Apple is also rumored to be working on a smaller, lighter “Apple Glass” wearable that would be compatible with an iPhone when it is completed.

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