An always-on display could be available on the Apple iPhone 14 Pro


The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may get an always-on display from Apple, which would be another premium feature that would set them apart from the standard iPhone 14 and give them a competitive edge.

The feature has been rumored for a while, with the most recent evidence coming from the X code 14 beta that is now being distributed.

There is evidence of animations and lock-screen widgets that portray the lock screen as being devoid of color but still readable in greyscale, suggesting that you might still be able to glance at it and, for example, tell the time.

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Apple has put a lot of effort into its lock screens in iOS 16, so it would make sense if this was also created to tie into a new feature for its flagship phones.

In contrast, references in the beta of iOS 16 mention a “sleep” setting for wallpapers that reduces their color intensity in order to conserve battery life.

According to MacRumors, if the rumors thus far are accurate, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have the display technology necessary for always-on use because they will reportedly receive a new lower limit of 1Hz on their refresh rate.

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