App Store listing for the Apple Watch Ultra’s ‘Depth’ and ‘Siren’ apps precedes its launch soon


“Siren” and “Depth,” two brand-new apps designed specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra, are now available on the App Store from Apple.

If users are lost or hurt, a siren is intended to alert people to their position in emergency situations. The Siren feature on the Apple Watch Ultra produces a distinctive 86-decibel sound pattern that may be heard up to 600 feet (180 metres) away when the Action button is long-pressed.

Use the Depth app when swimming, snorkeling, free diving, or any other recreational underwater activity up to 130 feet (40 meters).

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Users can view their current depth, water temperature, time spent submerged, and 130-foot maximum depth (40 meters). It may be manually launched like any other app or set to automatically activate when the Apple Watch Ultra is submerged.

The two apps can’t yet be used by the general public because they are only available for Apple Watch Ultra models, which go on sale this September 23.

The two apps will already be pre-installed on Apple Watch Ultra models, and if customers decide to delete the stock apps and then change their minds, they may re-download both from the App Store.

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