Apple AirPods Pro 2 may be equipped with a USB-C port


Apple’s rumored next-generation AirPods Pro are expected to have a USB Type-C charging connector. An Apple AirPods Pro 2 has been in the works for a few years now, and the Cupertino-based tech company is expected to release a new model in the third or fourth quarter of 2016. There have been numerous stories, leaks, and rumors regarding the impending AirPods Pro.

A new source has stated that the future premium wireless earbuds from Apple will come with a USB Type-C port for charging rather than the company’s proprietary Lightning port.

Through the source, we also learned about a few potential enhancements for the new Apple AirPods Pro 2.

It is said that it will be run by the brand new System-in-Package (SIP) for the H1 chip, which will purportedly include support for enhanced adaptive noise reduction, EQ, Spatial Audio, and Audio Sharing.

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The headphones’ USB Type-C charging case, according to the report, will also offer fast charging. There is, however, no confirmed information on how fast charging would work. One possibility is that the next AirPods Pro will include temperature and heart rate sensors, which would be a welcome addition.

Leaked pictures of Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro showed some aesthetic modifications. They’ve been rumored to forsake the so-called stemless design for the next earbuds. The earphones will use the skin-detection sensor that was introduced in the newly released Apple AirPods 3. Users will be able to see if the earbuds are in their ears using this sensor. It detects moisture in the skin of the user.

There is a possibility that the earbuds will also be compatible with the Apple Lossless Music Codec (ALAC). If this is the case, the earbuds will be the first TWS headphones produced by the firm to offer support for lossless audio.

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