Apple and Android users now have access to Microsoft Defender


When Microsoft’s proprietary antivirus software was first released, it was limited to the Windows operating system, but that will soon change starting today. Microsoft Defender (another name for Windows Defender) is now available on all major operating systems, including macOS, iOS, and Android, thanks to a new app from Microsoft.

All of these platforms are supported if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365. Protecting your device from phishing attempts while simultaneously working with your existing antivirus software is a win-win for users of Windows 10 and Microsoft Defender. A one-stop shop for all your security needs is the goal of this software.

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In addition to giving security alerts, the app will display the security status of any other devices on your network that are using Microsoft Defender. What it looks like in the flesh

On Android, Microsoft Defender provides malware screening for all installed apps as well as new ones that you download. It will also be possible to safeguard websites on the web in the same way that desktop apps can. As far as web protection goes, iOS is the worst, but it does display the status of other devices and alert you if they’ve been compromised.

The free Microsoft Defender download is only available to those who are subscribed to Microsoft 365 as previously mentioned.

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