Apple and Google are being investigated by the FTC over the sale of personal information


Four Democratic senators have requested US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations into Apple and Google over selling personal data.

The senators, according to The Wall Street Journal, said that the businesses had participated in unfair and misleading activities by facilitating the collection and selling of personal information about mobile phone users.

Apple and Google “knowingly supported these damaging practices by integrating advertising-specific monitoring IDs into their mobile operating systems,” the legislators wrote to FTC chair Lina Khan in a letter.

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A string of numbers and letters built into iOS and Android has lately been used to limit the collection of user data using these mobile-ad IDs, which have recently been updated.

There is now an option for users of both operating systems to opt out of having their identifiers communicated to apps.

Apple adopted a new version of its software last year that required each program to seek the user’s permission to use the device’s identifier, and Google is planning to adopt new privacy limitations to curtail monitoring across apps on Android handsets.

A spokesman for the search engine giant said the business does not sell user data and stated that Google Play prevents developers from selling user data.

Apple has not responded to inquiries for comment, and the FTC has declined to provide any.

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