Apple and others were ordered to disclose anti-CSAM measures by Australia


Meta, Microsoft and Apple have been warned by an Australian regulator to explain their plans for preventing the spread of child exploitation content or risk penalties.

In August 2021, Apple notably announced steps to stop the distribution of CSAM, only to encounter complaints about security and censorship. Although Apple revised its intentions in September 2021, the installation of such protections is now unavoidable, as it is reported.

Reuters reports that Australia’s e-Safety Commissioner has written letters to Apple and other big tech platforms that are referred to as “legal letters.” According to a commissioner spokeswoman, the letters require disclosure in accordance with recent Australian regulations.

According to commissioner Julie Inman Grant, “This conduct is no longer restricted to obscure areas of the dark web, but is pervasive on the mainstream platforms we and our children use every day.”

“The danger is that this horrible information will spread uncontrolled on these platforms,” she continued, “as more companies move towards encrypted messaging services and install capabilities like livestreaming.”

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It’s unclear how and in what detail Apple, Meta, and Microsoft must now publish their metrics. However, they have 28 days starting from the date the letter was sent to do so.

The Australian regulator has requested details on methods for both detecting and getting rid of CSAM. If the companies don’t reply within that time frame, the regulator has the right to charge them three hundred eighty-three thousand dollars for each additional day they don’t comply.

Apple is silent on the subject. Despite reviewing the letter, Meta continued to “proactively engage with the e-Safety Commissioner on these vital topics,” according to a spokesman.

Microsoft received the letter and intends to react within the allotted 28 days, a representative for the business told Reuters.

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