Apple App Store exercises to Be explored Again in South Korea besides Third-Party Payments


The South Korean telecom watchdog will once more look into Apple, Google, and One Store for alleged violations of the in-app payment regulations.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) stated in a statement (via Reuters) that it investigated Apple, Google, and One Store since May 17 to see if they had broken any in-app payment legislation and came to the conclusion that all three businesses may have. Such violations may involve unjustly delaying the examination of mobile content or rejecting, delaying, restricting, deleting, or preventing the registration, renewal, or inspection of mobile content that makes use of third-party payment mechanisms.

The KCC may issue correction orders and impose fines of up to two percent of the average annual revenue from relevant business practices if the new investigation reveals malpractice, but there is currently little information available on the precise legal violations the regulator suspects may have taken place.

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Apple declared in January that it would abide by a new regulation in South Korea that forbids owners of app stores from pushing developers to use their own in-app purchase platforms. The modification took effect in late June, opening the door for developers to provide other payment methods in South Korea.

Given that Apple currently permits developers to provide third-party payment systems on the South Korean App Store, it is unclear exactly why the company is being investigated. The KCC may believe Apple took too long to comply with the rule change because it was passed in March, but Apple didn’t start telling developers they could use third-party payment systems until late June, according to one theory.

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