Apple Arcade veteran has been hired by Disney to lead their metaverse project


Apple Arcade Creative Director Mark Bozon, formerly of Apple, is now a significant figure in Disney’s metaverse.

Apple’s former Apple Arcade Creative Director, Mark Bozon, was a staunch supporter of independent video game developers. Walt Disney hired him as an executive after he left Apple in 2022 after 12 years in several senior capacities.

According to Deadline, Bozon’s new role at Disney will be Vice President, Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences. A team that covers the entire company will be his responsibility for creating connected experiences.

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Initially stated in February as a “third dimension” of opportunity, Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, first unveiled the company’s drive into the metaverse. In addition to Disney+ content, he’d want to see it integrated with metaverse media and the Disney Parks.

Since the metaverse’s fundamental idea is based on game technologies like VR headsets and controllers, this is likely to play a large role. Disney may have hired Bozon because of his gaming experience at IGN and Apple.

This concept has been around for some time but has received a lot more attention after Facebook stated that it would be creating a metaverse. A metaverse does not yet exist; hence, Disney has not made it crystal clear whether or not it plans on creating its own or providing content for Facebook’s metaverse.

Rumors claim that Apple is working on an AR headset, despite the company’s lack of interest in the metaverse. Some believe that the headset will be shown off for the first time at the WWDC keynote on Monday.

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