Apple brings its universal Gift Card to selected European countries


Apple’s all-in-one gift card has been available in the United States for nearly two years, and now it is available in the United Kingdom, France, and a few other European nations.

Apple debuted its universal Gift Card in the United States in July 2020, followed by Australia and Canada in July 2021, in what has become a near-annual event for the technology giant. It’s now the turn of several European countries at the end of June in 2022.

The new card replaces the old Apple Store and App Store cards. Until recently, this credit could be applied to the purchase of any item from the Apple Store, whether it was in person or online.

More confusingly, the old App Store card could be used to purchase apps, but it could also be used to purchase music, books, and films from the iTunes Store.

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As a result of the introduction of the Gift Card, users may now buy a single card that can be used at any Apple shop, both online and in-person. Those who shop in the United States, Australia, Canada, and now even several European markets may be able to use this feature.

Even if Apple is still in the process of distributing the new credit cards across the EU, they have already arrived in the most important countries. The new card is now available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, among other places.

Despite this, there are still dozens of people from Armenia to Turkey, for example, who still use the old system of two gift cards.

This year, Apple has included universal gift cards in its Back to School promotion for the United States and Canada. Gift cards have become so popular that criminals have taken advantage of them to steal from Apple, and frauds based on them are commonplace.

iCulture, a Benelux Apple news site, was the first to notice the new features available on the universal gift card.

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