Apple Car ranks third when it comes to brand consideration even before its launch


The brand has the highest future brand consideration among buyers of new vehicles, according to the survey, even though Apple has not yet announced plans to create an automobile. With twenty-six percent of buyers saying “Definitely Consider,” Apple’s possible vehicle placed third in terms of highest brand consideration.

The future car is just behind Ford and Tesla, then Toyota and Honda. The report shows how well-liked Apple automobiles are. For instance, more than half of Tesla owners would be open to future Apple automobiles.

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Apple delivers crucial features for products, powertrains, styling, and other areas. According to the report, Apple has an advantage over other automakers because it is a tech company. However, brand recognition and reputation give Apple an advantage over rival automakers. As a result, Apple has the potential to outperform its rivals.

The fact that Apple hasn’t yet created a vehicle is its only weakness.

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