Apple Car team is being steered up by a former Lamborghini executive


The fact that Apple has engaged a former executive at Lamborghini to assist in leading the design of its alleged “Apple Car” is an indication that the business is still going forward with the project.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that the company that makes the iPhone has hired Luigi Taraborrelli, who worked for Lamborghini for 20 years and was in charge of chassis and vehicle dynamics there.

During his time at Lamborghini, Taraborrelli worked on a number of different cars, including the Urus, the Huracan, and the Aventador, in addition to the Huracan Sterrato and the Asterion concept car.

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He also worked on chassis development, but he also had an interest in other aspects of car design, such as handling, suspension, steering, brakes, and wheels.

The “Apple Car” has supposedly been in the works for years under the codename “Project Titan.” But Apple’s vehicle team has had a number of setbacks, departures, and bumps along the way. Most recently, the team lost an automotive engineer only six months after hiring him.

The scope of the “Apple Car” has expanded as well. Even though Apple once had its sights set on building a full-scale car, it has since shifted its attention to developing the underlying autonomous technologies. It looks to have recently refocused on building a real production vehicle.

The “Apple Car,” according to the latest reports, will be a driverless, all-electric car. A steering wheel may be eliminated in favor of four seats facing inward, according to some recent ideas for the vehicle.

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