Apple celebrates the iPhone 14 pro with dynamic island window displays


The iPhone 14 series is currently on sale at Apple Stores, and the first pre-orders are beginning to arrive for customers. New Dynamic Island window fixtures and other in-store design upgrades are being made in Apple Stores all over the world to embrace the iPhone 14 Pro design in conjunction with this launch.

The new Dynamic Island cutout on the display is the primary visual improvement of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 Pro variants have two distinct cutouts in place of the notch: one is shaped like a pill, while the other is a hole-punch. However, software has connected those two cutouts to provide the impression of a single, larger cutout.

The Dynamic Island is the name given to this layout. It extends and contracts using software to display data from numerous apps, including Apple Maps, Apple Music, and many more. Although the design has generated some debate, future updates to iOS 16 are anticipated to improve it.

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Apple Stores are embracing the Dynamic Island with new island-shaped window decorations to commemorate the release of the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple has placed each of the iPhone 14 Pro models on pedestals inside these Dynamic Island fixtures, showing the colors and, of course, the revolutionary display design itself.

Parker Ortolani, a site friend, posted pictures of the redesigned window displays for the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro on Twitter. Though they won’t be present in every store just yet, many of Apple’s bigger stores have already included them.

To commemorate the debut of the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 8 models, Apple has updated its marketing and graphics inside Apple Stores throughout the world. There will be artwork covering every surface, promoting the new items, new demo units, and more.

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A new Apple Watch fixture exhibiting new watch band colors has also been fully rolled out, as Michael Steeber noted on Twitter. The brand-new band colors are visible below, and you can choose one right away.

Additionally, Apple is speeding up the introduction of an updated design for Apple Watch demo units that raises them to eye level using stands made of polished stainless steel. This new pedestal design, which Steeber previously mentioned in his Tabletops newsletter, was tested at a few retailers earlier this year and is now expanding to more places in conjunction with the release of the Apple Watch Series 8.

The tabletop glass design that Apple had been utilizing to display Apple Watch designs, colors, and finishes has been replaced by these new stand fixtures.

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