Apple CEO Tim Cook predicts that the return to office will be a time of great experimentation


According to CEO Tim Cook, there are some adjustments to be made to Apple’s plans for bringing employees back into its corporate headquarters.

Tim Cook said at the Time100 summit that Apple hasn’t decided on its return-to-work plans after raising concerns about privacy loss earlier in the summit.

“We’re performing the mother of all experiments because we don’t know,” Cook explained. I am running a pilot and looking for a site where we can bring the best of both worlds together. “

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While Apple’s announced intentions have been repeatedly postponed due to the coronavirus situation, the company’s employees have been divided over them.

According to Cook, “we could be the first to recognize that the starting point is likely incorrect and will require changes.”

Apple’s CEO emphasized his own preference for face-to-face working, citing the “serendipity” of office meetings as one reason for this choice. Online remote encounters, he added, are “not inferior, simply different.”

 It’s unclear what Apple AR will look like, but even without going into specifics, Cook stated that the technology “stands to enhance our discussion, to increase our relationship, rather than replace it.”

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