Apple company will need its employees to report to work 3 times a week from September 5 onwards


Bloomberg reported that Apple today informed its corporate staff that they will need to report to work for three days starting the week of September 5th. As part of a hybrid return-to-work plan, Apple will mandate that workers show up in person for work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and a third day that will vary by team.

An increase in COVID-19 instances forced Apple to postpone its original May deadline for returning staff to the office three days a week. Apple staff have been coming into the office two days a week for the past few months, but the corporation is finally implementing its full return schedule.

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Initially, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday were obligatory workdays for employees, but according to Bloomberg, Apple has modified the schedule. On Tuesday and Thursday, everyone must be at work. However, the third day will be decided by team leaders and will vary from team to team. Most employees will be able to work from home on other days. Employees will need to work Tuesday, Thursday, and one other day that week because Monday, September 5, is a holiday.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several IT businesses adopted persistent rules allowing employees to work from home, while Apple did not. Apple has been out front about the need for staff to resume in-person work and cooperation throughout the present situation.

In June 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the workforce, saying, “For all that we’ve been able to accomplish while many of us have been separated, the fact is that there has been something fundamental missing from this last year: each other.” Although the distance between us has decreased thanks to video conferencing, some things are simply impossible to duplicate.

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