Apple could add Face ID to the iPad Pro’s display before the iPhone


 Rosy Young of DisplayMate may be right about Apple’s long-rumored under-display Face ID technology coming to the iPad rather than the iPhone as the initial recipient.

The statements, which were made on the most recent episode of The MacRumors Show, shed light on Apple’s future plans for the iPad. Apple’s under-display TrueDepth camera, according to Young, could arrive on the iPad before the iPhone since the technology is easier to introduce beneath a larger panel with a lower pixel per inch.

This under-display technology is also thought to be more possible because the iPad is made at a smaller volume than the iPhone. He said that this new capability might conceivably exist as soon as next year, much ahead of when the technology is scheduled to appear on the iPhone.

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In addition, Young claimed that Apple’s failure to release a foldable iPhone thus far was due in large part to its inability to procure a sufficient volume of cover glass. A larger foldable iPad or MacBook is less likely to cause complications for Apple, which is why a foldable Apple gadget may be released before a folding iPhone.

It’s not unusual for Apple to release new technologies on the iPad rather than the iPhone. Face ID and Touch ID, for example, were initially introduced on the iPhone, whereas True Tone, more RAM and storage, ProMotion refresh rates, and the LiDAR scanner debuted on the iPad in the same time frame.

Earlier this year, Young predicted that the “iPhone 18 Pro” in 2026 would be the first iPhone to have both an under-display Face ID and a camera. Customers may expect an iPad Pro model with the technology to emerge sooner, probably between 2023 and 2025, following the news that the technology will first be available on the iPad.

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