Apple could introduce satellite connectivity outside of the US and Canada by the fall of 2022


The iPhone 14 Pro models now come with a new satellite connectivity function from Apple. When a user leaves the cellular network and requires assistance, this new feature sends an SOS message in an emergency. The company will reportedly release it for the iPhone in other nations by the end of this year, but it will initially be available on devices sold in the United States and Canada.

According to a new source, iPhones in the US and Canada will start receiving the Satellite Connectivity feature in November. Additionally, it states that by the year’s end, this capability will be accessible for phones in other nations.

At the “far out” event, Apple stated that only iPhone customers in the United States and Canada would receive the Satellite Connectivity feature first, with the rest of the world being able to utilize it later. For the first two years, this feature is supposedly free; after that, the business will charge for each use.

When a user needs assistance and their iPhone is outside of a cellular network, this new function enables the iPhone to send an emergency SOS message. But there are also some restrictions on its use. The iPhone must be outside with a clear sky view. The user will receive instructions on how to point the phone at the sky from the device. After the SOS message is sent and has had a chance to reach the individual in need for 15 seconds, assistance will be sent. For hikers who climb high mountain summits, this function is ideal.

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