Apple defends the availability of third-party apps


Apple cited a report that stated third-party apps were flourishing on iPhones and other devices in an attempt to address concerns raised by US politicians and the European Union about competitive practices on its App Store.

According to the Analysis Group report, app usage on iPhones is dominated by services provided by Apple.

On the App Store’s App Store, third-party apps have “widespread regional and global success.”

Criticism of Apple’s App Store dominance has been voiced in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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According to the European Commission (EC), Apple violated local laws in the music streaming market and abused its dominant position through the App Store in 2021, when it was found to have broken local antitrust laws.

The Analysis Group found that Spotify was 1.6 times more popular in the United States than Apple Music, while Google Maps was used 1.5 times more frequently than the iPhone. product. maker’s

Amazon Kindle had a 4.5-fold advantage over Apple Books in terms of sales.

The Analysis Group also noted that in some categories, such as social networking, dating services, travel planning, and food and drink, consumers had no other choice but to use third-party apps.

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