Apple delayed Telegram’s most recent release because of emoji


The day after Telegram CEO and creator Pavel Durov said the upgrade had been in Apple’s app review for two weeks without a reason, Telegram launched a new version on Friday. Durov claims that although the update is jam-packed with emoji-related functionality, one is absent because Apple directly ordered its deletion.

“Apple made it back to us with a request to water down our planned Telegram upgrade by eliminating Telemoji — higher quality vector-animated versions of the normal emoji,” Durov tweeted on his Telegram channel on Friday. “This was in response to widespread media attention to my earlier post.” This is a perplexing move on the part of Apple, as Telemoji would have greatly improved their environment and added a whole new dimension to their stagnant, low-resolution emoji.

Telemoji can be seen (and I’ve created a GIF of the video he shared). Personally, I think the Telemoji are a great deal of fun. I really appreciate how they breathe new life into the stagnant emoji faces I’ve been accustomed to. However, I assume Apple objected to a different firm changing its designs in this way, which may be the reason it ordered Telegram to take Telemoji out of the update. A request for comment was not answered quickly by Apple or Telegram.

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Numerous new emoji enhancements are included in the patch, though. Users can submit and use unique emoji in chats with friends if they subscribe to Telegram’s freshly released $4.99 subscription model. Telegram is starting out by providing 10 custom packs with more than 500 emoji. Any animated emoji will be visible to free users, and they can use it in their saved messages.

In addition, Telegram has upgraded the iOS sticker panel to include distinct sections for stickers, GIFs, and emoji, similar to Telegram on Android, desktop, or the web. The whole range of modifications is available in Telegram’s blog article.

Other advancements are on the way. Durov claims that Telegram will soon allow users to add any custom emoji as a message reaction, but initially this capability would only be available to paid users. Emoji replies, in my view, are especially good. The more emojis are used, the greater.

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