Apple has announced that iOS 16 beta 3 will bring back the clownfish


After 15 years of the iPhone’s existence, the clownfish wallpaper from Apple’s controversial 2007 presentation is finally making its way to the smartphones-at least for certain developers running the current edition of iOS 16 software. A user on Twitter by the name of Jack Roberts shed light on the wallpaper by providing a screen capture of the Clownfish option that was included in iOS 16 Beta 3’s Collections section. After that, the tweet received a significant amount of attention after being shared by a reporter for Bloomberg named Mark Gurman.

A baby clownfish and an adult clownfish living in a green anemone was the first image ever shown during Steve Jobs’ reveal of the original iPhone and its glorious at-the-time 3.5-inch display. However, in a curious turn of events, Apple never shipped the photo as a built-in wallpaper image for the original iPhone. After some time, the complete version of the image was made available on the Mac. For instance, with the introduction of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in 2009, it was placed in the Desktop & Screen Saver section of the Nature folder.

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It’s not clear whether the clownfish wallpaper will be included in the impending public release of the iOS 16 beta, and those with developer access aren’t assured to get it either, as it seems to be rolling out in stages. There’s a lot to look forward to now that it’s been upscaled from the original in terms of resolution. As Reddit user ActorVMU demonstrated, it also has a great swipe-up parallax animation.

For those interested, Evgenii Bogun, a former art student who began collecting every Mac wallpaper, archived the clownfish wallpaper for macOS in 2018 and made it available for download here.

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