Apple has been challenged again by Epic Games in an antitrust case related to its App Store


Fortnite developer Epic Games has contested Apple’s claim that third-party app stores would endanger the security of the iPhone.

According to TechCrunch, Epic argued in a new court filing that if Apple can enable sideloading on Mac computers and yet deem those computers secure, it can undoubtedly do the same for the iPhone.

“For macOS, Apple depends on security controls enforced by the operating system rather than the app store and a tool that examines apps and then returns them to the developer for distribution,” the latest filing stated.

According to the lawsuit, “The operating system Apple uses in its Mac computers (macOS) does not incorporate the disputed constraints found in the iPhone operating system (iOS), and Apple openly boasts about the Mac’s security.”

IAP is not a “pro-competitive purpose” when it comes to apps selling real things, as evidenced by the fact that Apple allows a wide range of alternative payment methods in the App Store for apps selling physical goods.

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If Epic wins, the App Store will remain intact. Alternative app stores, direct downloads for software distribution, or alternative payment solutions would never be required for any customer. As a result, Apple would have to fight for its customers, whereas Google would not have to, “said the creator of the popular video game Fortnite.

In the Epic Games v. Apple district court lawsuit, a US judge found last year that Apple did not have a monopoly in the relevant market. “

However, a court in California ruled that Apple could not restrict developers from including connections to non-App Store-based payment systems.

According to Apple, sideloading might put customers’ “most sensitive and confidential information” at risk.

“Supporting sideloading through direct downloads and third-party app stores would weaken the privacy and security controls that have made the iPhone so secure, and expose users to major security concerns,” the company stated in a document.

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