Apple has laid off a hundred volunteer workers


In an effort to slow hiring and spending, tech giant Apple reportedly fired approximately 100 tender volunteers in the previous week.

According to Bloomberg, which was cited by CNBC, the recruiters, who are in charge of hiring new workers at the company, were informed that the layoffs reflect changes in Apple’s business demands.

Apple is not the only corporation halting hiring, according to the article, even if the action is rare for the California-based computer titan.

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As they struggle with inflation and tighten their belts in anticipation of a probable economic slump, other major behemoths like Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Tesla, and Oracle have also paused hiring or reduced some departments recently.

Earlier this month, CEO Tim Cook was cited as saying, “We certainly see inflation in our cost structure.”

“We observe it in areas such as logistics, pay, and some silicon components. We’re still hiring, but this time we’re doing it on purpose “Cook included.

Apple is still keeping its full-time recruiters on staff, and the article claims that not all of the company’s contractors were fired. Benefits and salary will continue for another two weeks for the fired contractors.

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