Apple has released a new version of firmware for the Siri Remote


Apple has published a new software version for its Apple TV Siri Remote, although it is unclear what the update entails or what it contains at this time.

This software upgrade, which takes the version number up to 10M1103, is intended for the new Siri Remote that will be introduced in 2021.

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As previously indicated, Apple doesn’t say what the new software update contains in terms of features or repairs. Aside from minor bug fixes and other under-the-hood enhancements, it is anticipated that the update will be minimal in scope.

Users of Siri Remote will be unable to upgrade their devices without the use of AirPods, as Apple does not provide instructions on how to do so for this particular accessory. In other words, the update will take place automatically and cannot be performed manually.

Last year, in August of 2021, Apple released an update to the Siri Remote. Previously, the 9M6772 variant was known as 9M6772.

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