Apple has released iOS 15.4 which fixes a major iPhone issue


iOS 15.4 has caused some iPhone users to notice that their battery has been draining unexpectedly fast; Apple even commented on the issue. However, the problem has been solved.

iPhone users can now update to the latest version of iOS 15.4.1, which primarily fixes three bugs that were present in the previous version of iOS 15.4.

Aside from battery drain, the other two issues are related to hearing devices not working with certain apps and braille becoming unresponsive when using certain devices.

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Because not everyone uses the accessibility features, the first fix will likely have the greatest impact on the widest possible audience, even if the second and third fixes are critical to improving accessibility on the iPhone.

If you’ve been experiencing one or more of the above issues, you should immediately download this update by going to the General section of the Settings app and selecting “Software Update”.

There is no harm in updating even if you haven’t had a problem, especially since you may have been experiencing the issue without even realizing it.The new iOS 15.4 update fixes a major ongoing iPhone problem.

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