Apple Has Something Better Than The New MacBook Pro


In the current MacBook lineup, Apple is heavily relying on the MacBook Pro’s performance. The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are geared toward power users, but what about the rest of us? The majority of users will be satisfied with Apple Silicon’s power output, so why bother moving up the portfolio?

When shopping for a new laptop, don’t just focus on the laptop’s power. It is clear that the new MacBooks have significant advantages in design and I/O, advantages that the current MacBook Air lacks. And based on the most recent MacBook Air leaks, it’s obvious that something special is on the way.

The latest leak provides more information about the display on the next MacBook Air, and it’s looking good, with one minor flaw.

Thanks to Apple finally abandoning the design that has been used for many years of Intel-powered MacBooks, Tim Cook and his team will be able to introduce a display with significantly smaller bezels than in previous years. The MiniLED screens on the larger Pro laptops offer deeper blacks and more vibrant colours. Many people believed that the ’22 MacBook Air would also benefit from this technology at the beginning of the year, but that belief is no longer as strong.

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Apple’s consumer laptop is the final destination of the trend toward the thinnest bezels possible (and it looks like the iPhone 14 will see the same design cue). There is, of course, a drawback to every benefit. The introduction of a notched display, which pushes the camera and sensor mounts into the screen area, has been controversial. With the screen’s extra height, you can still see the 16:9 aspect ratio and the notification area without being distracted… You also have the notch protruding into what appears to be the screen’s display area.

A notch is probably the best option for Apple, as it will allow for a higher resolution webcam to be installed. It is disappointing that Apple has not taken the opportunity to include FaceID in the problematic notch on the MacBook Pro, and it is unlikely to do so in the MacBook Air.

It will be possible to see through the new screen that sits atop the more angular and contemporary design seen on the Pro machines in the upcoming Air. Many people are hoping that Apple will bring these improved I/O ports over to the consumer laptop in the same way they did with the MacBook Pro design. Don’t rule out the possibility of pastel colours from the iMac range making an appearance on the MacBook Air’s fashion side.

In terms of performance, the M1 Apple Silicon chipset is a bit outdated compared to other Apple products, but it’s still a viable option at this price. The M2 may be introduced in the MacBook Air later this year as Apple begins a new silicon cycle. It is possible that even if the M2 isn’t ready, Apple will still improve the M1 chipset’s performance in its lightest laptop.

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