Apple has the greatest market share in smartphones in the second quarter in a decade


It has been suggested in new research that Apple’s iPhone second quarter market share was its strongest since 2012, despite a decline in global shipments of smartphones.

Apple broke all previous earnings records in what is currently the third quarter of the company’s fiscal year. This legally compulsory report, on the other hand, does not contain any information that compares the company in question to others, and Strategy Analytics has focused their most recent research on this topic.

Strategy Analytics refers to this time period as Q2; Apple supposedly had a global market share of 16 percent during this time period. In comparison, Samsung has a 22 percent share of the market, or 63 million phones.

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According to Woody Oh, director of Strategy Analytics, “This is the highest second quarter market share for Apple over the past 10 years.” Oh noted that this came “at the expense of top Chinese manufacturers that are handicapped by the slow performance in both domestic and international markets.”

This quarter was a successful one for Apple thanks to the iPhone 13 series, which saw increased sales in the United States, China, and other important areas.

There was a 7% YoY fall in overall Q2 2022 sales, according to Strategy Analytics, with over 291 million cell phones sold. COVID and economic conditions have been blamed for the reduction in non-essential purchases, and the company expects the trend to continue.

As Senior Director Linda Sui predicted, worldwide shipments of smartphones will fall by 7 percent to 8 percent YoY by the end of 2022. “In the second half of 2022, the smartphone market will continue to be weighed down by geopolitical difficulties, economic downturn, price inflation, currency rate instability, and the disruption of COVID.”

Sui predicted that “all these headwinds would endure through the first half of next year, before the situation would alleviate in the second half of 2023.” According to this prediction, “Samsung and Apple will continue to lead and outperform the market.”

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