Apple iMac Pro Silicon still in development but not expected to be released any time soon


There are rumours that Apple is working on a large-screen reincarnation of the iMac Pro, which will reportedly use the Apple Silicon M3 chip.

The creation of an iMac with a larger screen, which is apparently still underway and will use the Apple Silicon M3 chip, is one indication that Apple is continuing to work on what may end up being a revival of the product.

Apple is rumoured to be working on a large-screen iMac after years of selling two iMac sizes and then reducing the selection to just one 24-inch model. Those reports were resurrected on Sunday, but this time they included information on the upcoming generation of Apple silicon chips.
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In Sunday’s “Power On” newsletter from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman responds to a query regarding an iMac with a huge display. A “larger-screened iMac targeted at the professional market” is what Gurman thinks Apple is working on.

He goes on to explain that the particular iMac will “feature a variety of the M3 processors, presumably an M3 Pro and an M3 Max,” which would match the CPUs that are utilized in the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Gurman believes that “the combination of a Mac Studio or Mac mini plus an Apple Studio Display does not cut it for many professional customers who want greater screen real estate,” which was the primary motivation for the development of this product.

Gurman has brought up the idea of a resurrected iMac Pro before. He said in April that a new model was on the way, but that it “won’t be anytime soon.”

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