Apple in the UK needs to address unfair commissions on the App Store


Apple will face a full trial in the United Kingdom over charges that it breached competition regulations by overcharging users on the App Store through its commission rate.

In 2021, a class-action lawsuit was brought against Apple, and the London-based Competition Appeal Tribunal rejected Apple’s effort to limit or dismiss it. Dr. Rachael Kent, an expert in the digital economy and a lecturer, is in charge of the initiative.

A message to The Daily Mail expressed Kent’s gratitude for their choice in this regard.

This ruling is well-reasoned, and I thank the Competition Appeal Tribunal for it,” the judge stated. It’s inevitable that a claim of this size will be vigorously fought. “The anti-competitive actions that we are charging against Apple go to the core of Apple’s business plan, and with its almost infinite resources, it will always make this a tough fight.”

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Apple’s 30% fee on app and in-app sales is unjust, according to Dr. Kent’s lawsuit. Apple’s share, she says, has caused developers to boost their pricing, which has then been passed on to customers.

According to Apple, the 30 percent cut is unreasonable and exorbitant since she employed the improper legal standard at a court hearing in May. The tribunal, on the other hand, rejected Apple’s whole case.

“We do not accept Apple’s position that the pleadings betray a legal error or a defective approach, either in respect to the correct legal test for the abuse or the assessment of economic value in that exercise,” Tribunal chairman Ben Tidswell said.

Apple has been chastised before for taking a 30 percent cut of App Store purchases. Lawmakers, developers, and others have criticized the company’s commission rate, which was the norm in the app store industry before it changed. Epic Games, most infamously, launched a full-scale campaign and lawsuit against Apple as a result of it.

Apple has recently introduced alternate compensation rates, including a reduced 15 percent charge for developers who make less than $1 million in sales through the App Store each year.

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