Apple initiates layoffs in advance of its other return to work campaign


Apple apparently ultimately gave in to the great tech layoffs of 2022, although it survived longer than others.

Sources cited in a recent Bloomberg report claim that the big tech giant fired about 100 of its contract-based recruiters over the course of the previous week. The rumoured layoffs coincide with recruiting of Apple slowdown and a broader tech downturn that has compelled tens of thousands of tech workers to begin looking for new employment.

Full-time employees were not impacted by Apple’s recent layoffs, and several contractor recruiters were able to preserve their employment. According to reports, Apple sent a note to the unfortunate 100 or so layoffs explaining that their positions were eliminated owing to changes in the company’s business requirements. According to reports, the former recruiters, who worked in various regions, will receive two weeks’ wages and health benefits.

Gizmodo’s request for comment from Apple was not immediately answered, but CEO Tim Cook did mention some discomforts related to growing inflation in a recent interview with CNBC.

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According to Cook, we do notice inflation in our cost structure. We notice it in areas like logistics, pay, and some silicon components. We’re still hiring, but we’re being deliberate about it.

The layoffs occur as Apple is getting ready to make yet another effort to get more of its employees back to work. According to Bloomberg, Apple has apparently set a new goal date of September 5 for bringing its corporate staff back into the office at least three days each week after numerous failed attempts. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and one additional day picked by each club would be those days.

Since 2021, Apple leaders have made an effort to entice employees back inside their pricey corporate buildings, but the business has been unable to implement strict rules because of more, bothersome COVID variants and rising infection rates. Employees at Apple have repeatedly criticized the company’s efforts, which apparently led to the departure of the previous director of machine learning earlier this year. A number of Apple employees addressed an open letter to corporate leadership shortly after his departure, condemning the policies they claimed were “motivated by fear.”

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The letter states, “We are not requesting that everyone be required to work from home.” We are requesting that each of us determine for ourselves, along with our teams and direct manager, what type of arrangement works best for us, whether it be in an office, working from home, or a hybrid approach.”

Nearly all facets of the sector have been affected by layoffs, including cryptocurrency companies, startups in the fintech and AI fields, and everything in between. Just in the past few months, layoffs of varying kinds have been announced by Tesla, Coinbase, Netflix, Klarna, Klarna, Calm, and Substack. According to Crunchbase, 34,000 tech workers are expected to lose their jobs overall in 2022. In the meantime, unemployment claims across the whole U.S. economy are at an eight-year high.

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