Apple introduces new app store ads to help users discover new apps


Apple stated today that it is extending the ways developers may advertise their products on the App Store, making it easier for developers to increase their reach and making the App Store more accessible to new users.

Developers have previously been able to advertise their apps in the App Store’s search tab and on the search results page. According to Apple, both ad placements have been a huge success for developers, helping them locate consumers who might be interested in their programs. The company’s efforts to keep the App Store as the greatest platform for developers to grow their companies include expanding ad options in the App Store.

It is possible for developers of any size to benefit from Apple Search Ads. New ad placements, like our other advertising solutions, are based on the same foundation; they will be restricted to only displaying content from approved App Store product pages, and they will comply with the same stringent privacy rules.

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The first new ad opportunity will be on the App Store’s first page, the Today tab. Developers will be able to advertise their apps alongside the daily editorial content on the App Store with Today App Store advertisements. In the App Store, advertising is clearly labelled as such and differentiated from regular journalistic content. The Today tab is the first tab that appears when the App Store app is launched and was introduced as part of the App Store makeover in 2017.

The second new ad location for developers in the App Store will be immediately within the product pages of the apps they’ve already created. There will be a section at the bottom of the page labelled “You Might Also Like,” where adverts will be clearly marked as such.

Apple’s emphasis on protecting the privacy of its customers is at the heart of its App Store advertising strategy. The new ads will be subject to the same tight rules and procedures that govern all of Apple’s platforms and services. When customers access Apple’s apps, such as the App Store, Apple News, and Apple Stocks, they have the option of enabling tailored advertisements.

In the first quarter of 2022, 78% of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 search volume on the App Store came from devices with Personalized Ads turned off across all countries and territories where Apple’s Search Ads are offered, according to a presentation given to advertisers that MacRumors acquired in May.

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Regardless of whether or not a user has Tailored Ads enabled, Apple does not show personalized ads to users under the age of 18, users with an Apple ID connected to a minor under 13, or managed accounts. To further prevent hyper-targeting, Apple restricts ad targeting to segments and demographics with fewer than 5,000 other comparable users, as opposed to some of the larger social media companies that allow advertisers to target very exact user demographics.

Apple also doesn’t target its customers based on their religion, political views, or health. It says it can make ads that are very effective without having to track each user. Also, Apple’s ads are never tied to a specific Apple ID, and a “user profile” is never made to target a specific user across all of the company’s services.

The CEO of AllTrails, a popular software for hikers and campers, stated that Apple’s App Store advertising has helped “draw new, more engaged customers across markets” and that they have formed a significant part of the company’s growth plan.

We were able to reach a wider range of potential clients by utilizing Apple Search Ads. Apple Search Ads are a vital part of our growth plan since they allow us to reach new customers at a low cost. We plan to invest in new placements on the App Store as soon as they become available so that we may reach even more clients and continue to expand our business.

Apple will begin testing the new ad spots with a small group of developers soon.

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