Apple invests in camera module manufacturer to bring iPhone periscope lens closer to reality


Periscope lenses may be coming to the iPhone. Jahwa Electronics announced this week that it intends to invest 191 billion won in new facilities to produce new models. This is a significant investment. A company called Jahwa, which makes OIS actuators, currently provides those for Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphone line.

Earlier this year, Apple visited the Jahwa Electronics OIS module factory in South Korea. According to TheElec, Jahwa Electronics has secured a new customer – Apple – with a plan of this size. According to the article, the supplier is expected to begin supplying Apple with OIS actuators from its new facilities next year.

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Due to the strict requirements of Apple’s suppliers, the new facilities are most likely only for the iPhone manufacturer. The telephoto lens on iPhones will benefit from OIS actuators like these when equipped with them. The supplier will continue to work with Samsung in Cheongju, South Korea, and Hanoi, Vietnam, as previously agreed.

A periscope camera system utilising folded zoom technology was described by TheElec last year. This “periscope-like telephoto camera” makes use of a prism to bend light before it reaches the image sensor when using a “folded” zoom lens. Smaller iPhone camera bumps could be achieved with the help of this new technology.

The iPhone 13 sparked the first whispers about a periscope lens on the iPhone. Although it hasn’t happened yet, a periscope lens may still be a long way off. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is well-known for his predictions about the future of Apple products, predicted that the iPhone 15 would feature a periscope lens as early as 2023.

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