Apple iPhone 14 event previews the Apple Watch Series and more


The iPhone 14 lineup, Apple Watch Series 8 with a larger size option, AirPods Pro 2, as well as a look back at features Apple has eliminated over the years and a roundup of our favorite travel applications, will all be revealed during Apple’s upcoming presentation on September 7.

It was the week leading up to the release of the iPhone 14, and rumors of every kind were swirling all around us. Either the iPhone 14 Pro will have a distinct pill and hole punch cutout in place of the notch, or it won’t.

Satellite communications could or might not be added to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. Even if we can’t be confident Apple will take that action this week, there are reasons to believe T-Mobile and Elon Musk won’t succeed in doing so next year, as they recently announced.

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The theory that a new Apple Watch form factor will be unveiled during the event is possibly the most divisive of the most recent set of rumors. There are concerns about how the larger screen of what may be dubbed the Apple Watch Pro would function with current Watch bands.

We may or may not receive anything other than the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8, since Apple is extremely shrewd about what it chooses to reveal to us when.

However, everything is possible, and the possibility of an AirPods Pro 2 exists.

Additionally, while everyone may be wondering about the new features Apple will be introducing, the firm is infamous for also eliminating some fan favorites. Additionally, now that everyone is gradually returning to travel, it’s time to compile a list of important travel apps.

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