Apple iPhone 14 leak reveals a redesign and new colors


As interest in the new iPhone 14 series rises, a new leak may have given away the final look before the announcement event of Apple. The dual-punched-hole design of the iPhone 14 Pro is shown in the leak, along with a brand-new shimmering purple finish that changes color tones depending on the angle at which it is viewed.

Rumors are still rife that Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 series at their special “Far Out” event on September 7. The most recent leak comes from a brief hands-on video uploaded by Chinese tipster DuanRui on the social media platform Weibo, which alluded to the dramatic redesign and new colors of the iPhone 14.

The mockup of the iPhone Pro 14 confirms earlier reports, such as the switch from a notched to a punched-hole design, suggesting that the final product may look similar to the mockup. It also displays a brand-new shade of dazzling purple. When viewed from different angles, the finish seems to have a varied tone.

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Further hints about the colours and twin punched-hole design can be found in a series of Weibo photographs that DuanRui published. The iPhone 14 is depicted in a rendering in purple, blue, gold, and graphite. Because some leakers have questioned their veracity, consider these images with a grain of salt.

Moving away from the notch on earlier iPhones, the twin punched-hole design has a circular and a pill-shaped cutout on the screen. Some iPhone owners are skeptical about the new design because the holes appear to be a little larger than they first thought. However, according to reports, Apple will only employ this new configuration on the Pro models, keeping the recognizable screen notch on other iPhones.

Over the next few months, a number of other leaked features and updates have come to light. According to rumors, the Pro versions will all have an always-on display and a 48MP primary camera, while the iPhone 14 models may all include a new selfie camera.

At Apple Park on September 7, Apple will host its “Far Out” event. Fans can also anticipate the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 8 along with the new iPhone 14 series.

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