Apple iPhone 14 leak reveals shocking details of battery life


The newest iPhones from Apple went on sale recently. The battery capacity, however, is one of the most crucial pieces of data that has just become known. The battery capacities of the new iPhones have reportedly been made public by a Chinese regulatory database. Also, the numbers could surprise you.

One of the iPhones has a smaller battery, while only two of the iPhones have larger capacity batteries than the phones that came before. The iPhone 14 Plus, which has no antecedent with which to contrast it, is the fourth phone.

Start with the positive news. This time around, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro both have larger batteries.

The iPhone 14’s battery has a capacity of 3,279 mAh, as opposed to the iPhone 13’s 3,227 mAh. Similar to that, the smaller Pro phone has a slightly larger improvement. The iPhone 14 Pro has a 3,200mAh battery compared to the 3,095mAh of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Then there is the Max: the new iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery is somewhat smaller than the 4,352mAh battery found in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, coming in at 4,323mAh.

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Despite this, Apple’s website lists all three iPhones as having longer offline video playback than their 2021 counterparts. In other words, even in the case of the smaller Pro Max battery, the changes in capacity don’t appear to be harmful.

The iPhone 14 Plus will be released on October 7. We must rely on two additional facts because there is no predecessor to this (the iPhone 13 mini is in no way comparable).

The first is the 4,325mAh capacity, which is the highest number on this list. It is, therefore, the largest battery. Apple claims that it has “our longest battery life yet,” which is another factor. 

So don’t give up on the Pro Max just yet. In terms of offline video playback, it still outperforms the Plus. The iPhone 14 Pro Max manages 29 hours while the iPhone 14 Plus manages a whopping 26 hours. It entails viewing numerous videos.

The basic line is that battery life will be strong across the board if new iPhones live up to their promise. Watch this space for field testing.

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