Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s latest report shows a completely new feature that’s out of this world


The new iPhone’s presentation on September 7 is just a few days away, and in the days leading up to that date, speculation about new features is flowing thick and fast. According to several of them, the iPhone 14 Pro and later Apple Watch Pro versions will have satellite connectivity.

That space-themed invitation to the next Apple special event may hint at a means to send an emergency text even if you don’t have telephone coverage, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his most recent Power On newsletter. According to Gurman, the function, internally known as Emergency Message by Satellite, was created to enable users of compatible iPhones to send SOS messages to first responders if they are, for example, in the sea or the mountains.

That’s very nice, but you could think it won’t matter if, for example, you don’t go hiking in nature. However, if you enjoy traveling in areas with poor phone coverage, you might not need to bring specialized satellite equipment like the bulky Garmin inReach with you.

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There’s more, though. According to Gurman, an equivalent function has been created to enable iPhone users to report crises in places without cellular service, such as boating accidents, plane disasters, and shootings.

Again, you will hope that none of the above occurs, but this function will undoubtedly help you avoid feeling useless if you are close to something gruesome but are unable to report it.

And let’s not forget that this is Apple. Therefore, the first feature won’t be the last one. Apple provided useful security and convenience to the iPhone when it included Touch ID. Apple, however, recognized that it was simply the first step and offered the platform from which Apple Pay might develop.

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In a similar vein, Gurman anticipates that this form of connectivity will gain more functionality. “What Apple is contemplating goes well beyond the possibility of an iPhone that can contact emergency personnel without a cellular connection.” In the end, consumers might have access to the internet from anywhere in the world and be able to make regular phone calls using satellite links. One day, the iPhone could become the most potent worldwide communications tool available because of the combination of fast 5G networks and satellite service.

Since Steve Jobs would have introduced the original iPhone with satellite connectivity if it had been technically feasible, Apple has been looking into this for some time. As a result, Apple would not have needed to work with service providers.

Gurman also thinks the capability might eventually be included in the Apple Watch. This would work well with the rumored Apple Watch Pro, a toughened watch made for enthusiasts of extreme activities. Future models are more likely to contain it than the watch that Apple will unveil alongside the iPhone 14 series.

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