Apple is allegedly testing a foldable E Ink device


According to an analyst and industry soothsayer named Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is now evaluating E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for usage in its iPad tablets as well as its forthcoming foldable product that is still very much cloaked in secrecy. 

Kuo stated in their brief article on Twitter that the color EPD from E Ink “has the potential to become a popular solution for foldable devices.” This is due to the fact that the display is far more energy efficient than a conventional OLED or LCD display.

This power savings means that Apple’s foldable device could feature a much larger always-on display on the outside of the device. However, E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display is not without its drawbacks, as the screen would be much less responsive and feature fewer colors, which would make it only really useful for checking notifications. Despite these drawbacks, Apple’s foldable device could feature a far larger always-on display on the outside of the device.

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Due to the fact that Apple is purportedly only testing E Ink displays at the moment, there is no news on whether or not its much-rumored foldable would utilize the technology in any capacity. There is also no way to know when exactly Apple will debut its foldable device, given that, over the course of the past few years, we have witnessed previously suggested release dates being pushed farther and further back in time.

Kuo recently projected that Apple’s first foldable might not even be out until 2025 “at the earliest,” a year later than earlier projections. Also, according to Kuo, Apple’s first foldable device would be a tablet more closely resembling an iPad than a touchscreen iPhone.

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