Apple is expected to release its first mixed reality headset along with iOS 16 in 2023


Apple may also launch its mixed reality headset in early 2023, as companies prepare to embrace the metaverse. Apple’s mixed reality headset is expected to be revealed in the iOS 16 beta, according to rumours. AppleInsider reports that rumours point to the device undergoing pre-production testing, which suggests that the company’s software will be ready to take advantage of the technology in the near future.

There are numerous references to Apple’s mixed reality headset “and its interactions with the iPhone” in the beta versions of iOS 16. There will be a launch between June 2022 and June 2023, which means the iPhone 16 cycle will begin in June 2022. Some of Apple’s augmented and virtual reality software may also be ready to be previewed earlier, possibly even the operating system dubbed “rOS.”

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Meta (formerly Facebook) and other tech giants are betting big on virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) technology in order to bring immersive experiences to billions of people in the future. Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t announced its upcoming virtual reality headset, the company is working on the most advanced chips.

According to reports, the headset will be primarily used for gaming, media consumption, and phone calls. According to Mark Gurman, gaming should be the primary focus of the headset in the most recent issue of his newsletter, Power On. Additionally, Gurman claims that Apple’s first mixed reality headset will serve as a replacement for the Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Both the M1 and a lower-end chip will be used to handle input from various sensors. The M1 processor will be the primary processing power of the device.

As many as six-eight optical modules are expected to be included in the headset, according to The Verge. Two 4K OLED micro displays from Sony are also said to be included in the device. The Oculus Quest will serve as a model for the upcoming Apple head-mounted display (HMD).

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