Apple is rebranding iTunes Pass in iOS 15.5’s Wallet app


While we wait for Apple to reveal what’s new in iOS 15.5’s first developer beta, 9to5Mac has found something interesting in the internal iOS files that may be of interest to others. This year, Apple has been working to rename iTunes Pass to “Apple Account Card” in the Wallet app with iOS 15.5.

If you purchase an Apple Gift Card or add money to your Apple ID, you can use the remaining funds to make purchases in the Apple Store and to access content such as apps, music, movies, and subscriptions.

Currently, this balance can be checked by visiting the App Store or by adding the iTunes Pass to the Wallet app. As a QR Code, this pass can be scanned at Apple Retail Stores to make purchases. Finally, with iOS 15.5, Apple has made significant changes to the iTunes Pass.

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According to 9to5Mac’s analysis of the changes, iTunes Pass will be replaced by a new card called “Apple Account,” which will be called “Apple Account,” according to 9to5Mac’s analysis of the changes. As with the Apple Card and the Apple Cash card, this card will be shown in the Wallet app as well. When shopping at an Apple Store, the user will no longer have to present a QR code to complete the transaction.

The Apple Account card, like the Apple Card and Apple Cash card, will have a parallax effect in the Wallet app. Although the feature is currently disabled for even beta users, the public release of iOS 15.5 is expected to bring it to the public eye.

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