Apple is working on making iPadOS 16 more like Mac OS with multitasking improvements


According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple’s goal with iPadOS 16 is to make the tablet operate more similarly to a laptop than it does a smartphone. Apple expects to incorporate modifications in order to achieve this goal.

This year’s iPad OS 16 will have a revamped multitasking experience that will make it easy to switch between jobs and see which apps are open, as well as allow users to shrink and expand windows. It sounds like Apple is going to introduce a much more Mac-like multitasking experience for its consumers.

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According to Gurman, one of the most significant updates to be announced at WWDC will be a redesigned iPad interface.

The M1 chip that is utilized in Apple’s iPad Pro models is the same technology that is used in Apple’s Mac computers. Despite this, the software experience on the iPad has always lagged behind, which has kept it from being used in the same way as a laptop or desktop computer.

On Monday, June 6, Apple will provide a preview of the iPadOS 16 experience for developers as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference. The beta version of iPadOS 16 will be made available to developers on the same day, and Apple will continue to make improvements to the software over the course of many months until releasing it in the fall alongside iOS 16.

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