Apple launches its new software announcements in the 2023 wall calendar on Kickstarter


It was announced this week that Relay FM’s co-founder Stephen Hackett has launched a Kickstarter effort to fund his 2023 Apple History Calendar, which will showcase bespoke photographs of Apple goods each month to commemorate major product releases over the years.

In a post on his Apple-focused blog, 512 Pixels, Hackett wrote, “These dates include everything from Apple’s earliest software to the latest and best versions of macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and more.” ” Cyberdog and Rhapsody are just a few of the first-party software titles that will be available on the calendar.”

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When hung on a wall with a pin or thumbtack, the bespoke wall calendar has dimensions of 20 inches by 13 inches. Each month showcases a unique photo that Hackett took of an Apple device or accessory, such as a wheel for the Mac Pro tower that was taken at Apple Park.

In addition to the wall calendar, backers who give $32 or more on Kickstarter will also receive several bonuses. According to Hackett, the calendars will be printed in Memphis, Tennessee, and sent worldwide in November 2022, according to his estimates. The project’s Kickstarter page has additional information.

Hackett, a well-known Apple podcaster and writer, successfully launched a comparable 2022 Apple Hardware Calendar on Kickstarter last year.
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