Apple lawsuit over App Store scam apps has been settled


Kosta Eleftheriou, a developer who sued Apple for fraud in the App Store and knockoff keyboards, and the firm have now struck a settlement.

Eleftheriou is renowned for drawing attention to phone App Store evaluations and the prevalence of scam apps. He created the Apple Watch keyboard FlickType.

He discovered a tone of FlickType-cloning apps, with some of his rivals even stealing his promotional videos. Eleftheriou lashed out at the App Store review crew for the copied-and-pasted reviews and five-star ratings on the apps.

He filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2021 following the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7. The company released a full keyboard with swiping features for the larger screen smartphone.

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Eleftheriou claimed he lost money because Apple repeatedly rejected FlickType but left the copycat apps in place. When he discovered that the Series 7 of Apple Watch keyboard resembled FlickType, Eleftheriou claimed he was in negotiations with Apple about a prospective acquisition and filed the case.

The lawsuit also claimed that while Apple profits when developers sell consumers expensive subscriptions, it takes no action to monitor the App Store.

A story published on Thursday claims that Apple and Eleftheriou have resolved their legal dispute. On July 21, 2022, a motion to dismiss the action was submitted following the conclusion of an agreement between Apple and Eleftheriou’s business, Kpaw, Inc.

Uncertainty surrounds the settlement’s terms.

After Apple brought back a mechanism named “Report a Problem” in 2021, users can now report scam apps in the App Store. Along with information on age rating, category, and other topics, it is listed in the Information section.

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